How To Enlarge & Stretch Your Penis With The Power Assist

A great secret to gain length has been to manually stretch in different angles, perform hanging and use extenders/length devices to heal in a extended state.

We want to introduce you to a wooden hand made power assist that will help you perform powerful stretches with a intensity you have believed possible.

You are about to unlock BIG LENGTH GAINS

Stretches you can perform with the Power Assist:

  • 00:00 -Sling Shot Stretch
  • 01:30 -Tunica Fulcrum
  • 02:35 -Fulcrum Side Stretch
  • 03:47 -Rocking Stretch
  • 04:52 -Up & Downward Stretch
  • 05:47 -Body Rock Stretch
  • 06:59 -Bow & Arrow Stretch
  • 08:17 -Base Twist Stretch
  • 09:31 -A Stretch


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