How To Make The SizeGenetics Extender More Comfortable With The VLC Tugger – VLC Tugger Review


Believe it or not, it is actually possible to get a bigger penis! The best device for penis enlargement is the VLC tugger in my opinion. Its fucking comfortable, it’s pretty cheap and yeah… It WORKS. Basically, in 4 months I have already grown 1,5 cm in erect length and 2 cm in flaccid length. Pretty nice. People all over the internet talk about similar results, some even gain 1 inch in 6 months and 2 inches in a year.

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In this video I tell you about how I use the VLC tugger for penis enlargement, what it does and why it’s better than other stuff. You can also just read the article below.



In this video I show you how to use the VLC tugger for Penis Enlargement (with my real face and my real penis yeah)

    • How to wear the VLC tugger with a strap around the knee
    • How to use the VLC tugger as a really comfortable modification for the SizeGenetics Penis Extender





This article will contain much of the same information as the videos. Some people prefer videos, some b61vw5wegkkgrhqmokjeeytbszsnbmyfdkh-1_35people prefer text, some prefer both. Choose whatever you want.

This is the VLC tugger. It works by creating a vacuum to the glans, and applies tension to the glans/shaft of the penis.

As I mentioned, I have already grown 1,5 cm with the VLC tugger, in just 4 months, so thats pretty cool actually. The cool thing is that its been like no effort at all – its really easy to use and its really comfortable and thats what most important. Another cool thing is that its pretty cheap: around $50. So you dont have to spend a million to gain an inch or two on your third leg. And there is a 3-month no-questions-asked refund policy. But trust me, you won’t need that 😉


Anyways, there are two ways you can use the VLC Tugger

      1. You can use it on its own with a strap that pulls the dick down towards your knee.
      2. You can use it as a modification to the SizeGenetics penis extender.

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender

If you already own the SizeGenetics and you are uncut, the VLC Tugger will make a significant sizegenetics-vlctuggerimprovement in your comfort level and ultimately – how long you can wear it. The SizeGenetics is expensive so you definitely want to get the most out of it as possible. I really recommend the VLC Tugger as an add-on to the SizeGenetics.

If you are cut/circumcised, then you probably wont be able to use the VLC tugger, and I recommend the SizeGenetics extender alone. The SizeGenetics will be much more comfortable to cut guys than to uncut guys, because cut guys are less sensitive at the area where the SizeGenetics grabs your dick. (note: some circumcised guys actually use the VLC – this is possible if you can push your skin over your glans)

If during the summer you want to wear shorts, I recommend you to attach the VLC to the sizegenetics, since you dont want people to see the strap tied around your knee.

For more information about the SizeGenetics, including video reviews and all that stuff, I highly recommend to checkout my SizeGenetics review here:

How does penis extenders work?

Real quick: Penis extenders work by pulling your dick a lot of hours every day, and at some point your dick will get longer. The tissue will break down and grow longer, just like working out in the gym.

The VLC tugger works by creating a vacuum at the tip of your glans, and therefore the tension is applied directly through the glans to the shaft (which is called corpus cavernosum in latin, if you care).

Why is the VLC tugger the best penis extender?

It is really easy to make wearing the VLC tugger into a habit because its so amazingly comfortable. I wear it everyday for 8-16 hours (all times except when I sleep, workout or hang out with girls) And with penis extenders, the more you wear them, the better and the more you grow!

IMO the VLC tugger is much better than regular extenders, because it doesn’t restrict blood flow AT ALL.

I HAVE used the SizeGenetics alone, but it hurt me a bit and wasn’t as comfortable. I think it is because I am uncircumcised, and therefore more sensitive. The reason I found the VLC is actually because I did a google search on “how to make the SizeGenetics Extender more comfortable”… A lot of guys use the VLC as a modification to make the SizeGenetics more comfy, and I decided to try it too, and I have not been disappointed. Using the VLC tugger is MUCH more comfortable, I’m actually beginning to outright LOVE wearing it haha! I even get a little sad sometimes when I have to take it off!

Honestly I only take it on and off a couple of times a day, and almost forget that I’m wearing it. Actually I did some errands on the street like a month ago, and I saw a cute girl, hit on her, and pulled her back to my apartment during the day. We started kissing … and only THEN, I remembered that I was still wearing my VLC tugger!!! So I told her I just had to go to the bathroom, then I hurried out to take it off!! HAHA

Minimal effort needed

Its MUUUCH easier than doing manual exercises… With manual exercises you have to spend 20-30 minutes stretching and jelqing your dick – with the VLC you only spend 15 seconds taking it on and off a few times during the day, and that’s IT. You can call it “passive” penis enlargement. Pretty cool!

Also, its very easy to take on and off, and if you use it with the strap, it will be tied to your knee and never fall out of your pant-leg

With a lot of areas in life, I’m a big fan of EFFECTIVENESS. I’m a big fan of getting maximum results with the least amount of effort/time spent. In this regard, penis extenders are perfect, and in my opinion the VLC tugger is absolutely the best!

How much tension to use

In my opinion/what I’ve done, is to use as much tension as possible, but it still has to be comfortable. If you wear the VLC tugger with the strap around the knee, this will come quite naturally, because if you tie the strap too tight, you wont be able to walk freely! If you wear the VLC tugger with the SizeGenetics, you should apply as much tension as you can wear comfortable for at least a couple of hours.

Don’t be stupid like me

Again: Don’t pull your dick so hard that it hurts a lot. In January, I tightened the strap so hard that my dick really hurt A LOT, and I should just have decreased the tension, but I thought “no pain no gain” and ignored the pain for a couple of hours. This was stupid. Really stupid. Because when I took the VLC tugger off, I had a small blister on the tip of my glans. It freaked me out, but luckily I just had to take a break from penis enlargement and sex, and then it healed within a week and left no signs. My dick was completely back to normal after one week. This is the only bad thing that has happened using the VLC, and honestly it only happens if you are plain stupid/insane like me, and pull it so hard that it hurts really bad AND KEEP IT ON FOR MANY HOURS WHILE IT HURTS. I can usually take a lot of pain (because of my martial arts training) so I must definitely have pulled it insanely hard. It was my own fault. Obviously you should listen to your body and your dick. You might feel a little stretch in your dick, but if something feels outright painful – stop it.


Tip: If you wear the VLC tugger for many hours on high tension, the tip of the glans might be slightly swollen when you take it off. This will go away in 1-2 minutes, and even faster if you just do some slight jelqing. So you shouldn’t worry about it. But if you try to take a piss immediately after you take the VLC tugger off, the swollen tip will probably cause you to piss in 10 different directions like a sprinkler. So how do you avoid getting pee all over your pants and your toilet? Either jelq(get blood flowing) for 1-2 minutes before you piss, or just sit down at the toilet and piss (like women)

Foreskin growth

Some people are afraid that their foreskin will grow when using the VLC tugger. That concern is understandable, since the VLC pulls on the glans and the foreskin at the same time. But honestly, during the 6 months I have used the VLC tugger, my flaccid length has increased 2,2 cm, my erect length has increased 1,5 cm and my foreskin has only grown a few millimeters more. So my foreskin might be 2 mm longer now, but who cares about 2mm of extra foreskin when you get 1,5 cm of erect length in return?

How does it look like through pants?

You can wear the VLC tugger/SizeGenetics extender very discretely. I’ve been wearing it to work, at nightclubs, at social gatherings and family events. I’ve even taken a 20-minute run with it on!! I’ve never been busted wearing it, so dont worry about that (just dont wear leggins or super slim jeans). Check out the videos on this post, if you want to see how it looks when you wear it under pants.

Get $4 Discount On Your VLC Tugger With My Discount Coupon “ELI” – http://TLCTugger.com/eli/

What to expect, ordering, delivery, FAQ, more video tips: http://didehban.com/?big=vlc-tugger-faq

Any extender that is compatible with the VLC tugger will work as well as the Size Genetics, if the SG is too expensive for you, we recommend the Pro Extender, which you can get here

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Walter Burnette - May 9, 2017

Is the Size Genetics the best Male Extender around? Or can you use another kind with it

Luigi Domenico - June 25, 2017

SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte are the best ones

Franco - March 30, 2018

I am using a vlc+sg and there’s a lot of tension on the bottom side of glans (i guess it’s called frenulum, the point where the glans connects with foreskin?). Do you also experience that? When I take vlc off I can see that this area is really damaged.

Luigi Domenico - May 13, 2018

I dont. Some tape around that area before wearing it with the SG will work

Arman - June 7, 2018

What is your result? How much did you increase your penis?

antony - September 26, 2018

I just got my VLC tugger plus sizegenetics but combining the two there is a lot of waste of space between VLC and exdender ,i mean i have to use a whole extra big bar since its connected far away from the sizegenetics top surface , ,before i got the VLC i had problem with the strapping the head in place ,when ever i exdend it to a point it would slip off ,so VLC looks like a solution for me that am uncut but am sucrifice 1 whole bar ,and like me that am starting with a 8 inch penis am already using all the bars in the ultimate package,so i need to order more bars and havent evern started ! not sure if its worth using the VLC since i need extra bars to use it

Luigi Domenico - September 28, 2018

Man, then just buy extra bars

Cameron - January 15, 2019

I was wondering i am really confused on how to use the sizegentics, like i understand the stuff about tension and how to put it on so i was really hoping if you could please do a video on how to put it on pleaaassseeeeee???

Scott - February 18, 2019

Hi I’m currently using the Bathmate in the morning and then using the the Sizegenetics vlc mod. Do you recommend taking rest days? Because the information around doing PE is very contradictory I find and dont really know what to do for the best results.

Ken - July 27, 2019

How can I use your system if I am circumcised and don’t have much foreskin to place around the VLC tugger device? It would seem that the head of the penis would slip out
of the entire extender without it because of the tension of the traction device itself. What do you recommend? Thanks!

Luigi Domenico - September 20, 2019

In that case the VLC tugger isn´t for you.

I recommend you go for our length device


Binky - December 9, 2019

Hi Luigi,

I am 64 and had prostate surgery last year. After surgery the lenght of my flaccid penis is much smaller but sometimes not; it seems to be common problem that the penis is pulled inside after such a surgery
The lenght and girth of my penis in erection is back to his old values (lenght 7″, girth 6.4″) but I would like to have some more lenght, because I think that my penis is rather thick for his lenght. And I would like to have a more constant lenght flaccid
What do you recommend me?

Brian - February 14, 2020

Does the pro extender have bars or do you have to buy them somewhere else if you need it to be long?

Luigi Domenico - March 5, 2020

I have found out that you need to buy extra bars

MILF Porn - March 21, 2020

Thanks for this review


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