Elite Manliness’s Ultimate Penis Stretching Routine for Beginners!

Don’t be lazy like me!  However boring Penis Stretching might be, Do it, It works wonders!

I can kick myself for not having a good penis stretching routine when I first started Penis Enlargement, but I do Penis Stretching everyday now.

To be honest wit you, I follow this routine all the time and add a couple more advanced stretches to it, but this is basically all you need from a Penis Stretching Routine.

I will show you how I do my stretching with Pictures and Video Demo’s and then you can adjust it to suite your needs.

If you are serious about Penis Enlargement a Good Stretching Routine is crucial! It speeds the whole process up and Penis Stretching is particularly Great for length Gains.

I’ve gone from 1.5″ Flaccid to 4.75″ or 5″ on a good day!

What to Expect from Penis Stretching!

Doing Penis Stretching on it’s own, You will see amazing results in say 3 months, but it is always a good Idea to include Jelqing in your PE Routine as well.

  • Penis Stretching focus on Length
  • Jelqing focus on Girth

If you own a Bathmate it will speed the process up even more and you can expect to see good gains within 30 days if you follow my Bathmate Beginners routine!

Penis Stretching A Beginners Guide


When you first start Penis Stretch, start slowly and have Rest days! It is important as Penis Growth occurs on your Rest days, Not when you are training.

We will look at all the different angles the penis should be stretched.

We want to stretch the penis in All Directions.

The Routine

  • Do one Day on and one Day Off when you first start out!
  • Warm up your penis – THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! You will avoid injury!
  • Do it for about 5 -10 minutes. Once you are Nice and loose you can start your Stretching Routine
  • Your Penis Should always be flaccid or soft.

1. Downward stretches

  • Pull your penis Straight down and hold for 30 seconds (Kegel)
  • Straight down to the left for 30 seconds
  • Straight down to the right for 30 seconds
  • Now do quick Rotating windmill stretches to restore blood

Repeat 3 Times

2. Straight Out and to the Sides Stretches

  • Again the same as above but instead of pulling down, pull your penis straight out!
  • Straight out, hold for 30 seconds
  • To the right side, hold for 30 seconds
  • To the left side, hold for 30 seconds
  • Rotating stretches

Repeat 3 Times

3. Straight up and up and to the Sides Stretches

  • Straight Up hold for 30 seconds
  • Up and to the left side hold for 30 seconds
  • Up and to the right side hold for 30 seconds
  • Rotating stretches


Repeat 3 times

4. Behind the Leg Stretches

  • Pull your penis straight behind the leg hold for 30 seconds
  • Behind the legs to the right hold for 30 seconds
  • Behind the legs to the left hold for 30 seconds
  • Rotating stretches

Repeat 3 times

Penis Stretching Video

How to Use Jelqing with this Routine?

I would say Jelq on the same days as you do your Stretching,

If you do Jelqing Straight after your Penis stretching routine, you don’t have to work up but if you do it later in the day Warm Up first before you Jelq.

Do 5 – 10 minutes for the first 3 weeks, then increase your jelqing to 15 and work it up till you can do 30 – 45 minutes Jelqing.

45 Minutes Does seem like a long time, if you can’t do that much, do as much as you can. Every bit help.

Keeping your Penis Extended after Your Workout

I find that keeping your penis extended after your Stretching Routine helps cement the gains.

If you don’t have a penis extender, I would highly recommend at least using a Uncle Jim’s Wrap, to stop your penis from retracting to it’s original size, when complete your Penis Stretching Routine. This will help you maintain your gains must faster!

Penis Stretching Recap

  • When you first start out, take it gently.
  • Always warm up!
  • Take Breaks, have rest days\1
  • For faster gains, include Jelqing in Your Routine.
  • To make it more fun and with even faster gains, use the Bathmate and a Penis Extender

If you don’t have a Bathmate or a Penis Extender, don’t worry, if you follow a good Penis Stretching and Jelqing Routine – You will see amazing gains….. they work!

The Bathmate, gives you immediate gains, which I love and it makes Penis Enlargement fun!

You can visit my page: Bathmate for Beginners Routine if you want in incorporate it into your Penis Stretching Routine! Guaranteed to give you the most gains in your first 30 days of Penis Enlargement.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer it!

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Troy - September 6, 2018

I just started the stretching routine. After I get length gains can I stop stretching? I dont wanna do this forever??



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