Everything You Need To Know About Chemical Penis Enlargement

Chemical Penis Enlargement Program

If you want to enlarge your penis, you need pharmacological assistance in some form. A bodybuilder will be hard-pressed to build strong and well-defined muscles if he does not have the necessary exercise equipment. The same principle applies to penis enlargement. A few fortunate individuals may accomplish their goal to some extent; most will not. If you want to have a significantly bigger penis, you have to have some help.

Many men attempt to reach the goal of having a bigger penis through the usual enlargement techniques suggested on the internet. Most attempts fail. Some succeed to a certain degree, making gains at first only to find out that the growth ends before the desired outcome is achieved.

If you want to succeed in your effort to gain a bigger penis, you need to consider certain facts.

As an adolescent, you have hormones which trigger growth spurts. Your body goes through some dramatic changes. Your voice deepens. You grow hair – in the pubic area, on your face, and on your underarms. You grow taller. You begin to have muscles. And your testicles and penis grow bigger.

Between the ages of 18 and 20, you stop growing. The penis does, too.

If you can have the same hormone profile that a teenager has, you can enjoy what is usually referred to as “second growth.” Exercising your penile muscles also helps. You have to accept the fact, though, that over time—and with the same repeated exercises—your penis will prove resistant to the exercises and stop responding the way you expect it to.

So how do you get a bigger penis? You use the Chemical Penis Enlargement Method.

The method calls for the manipulation of hormones to generate renewed growth in the penile tissues. You use medications so that your hormone profile once again becomes similar to that of a teenager. You apply DHT, a potent human hormone, topically and do certain exercises. This combination allows your penis to become supple and to grow again.

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is an important male sex hormone, an androgen that affects how male characteristics are developed and maintained; it is essential for penis growth. Chemical Penis Enlargement uses topical DHT in combination with exercises in cycles of four to eight weeks. Each cycle lasts until such time that the penis’ response is reduced or suppressed. The response to the treatment usually weakens after a few weeks. The androgen receptors are said to downregulate during this time. The penile tissues are also likely to have adapted to the exercises at this time, and penis growth slows down and eventually stops. A resting stage follows, allowing the penile androgen receptors to upregulate and the penile tissues to decondition and become sensitive to the hormone again.

When a few weeks have passed, you start another DHT cycle. Your penis will be responsive once again to the topical DHT and the reconditioned and well-rested tissues receptive to the exercises, thus allowing fresh growth in the penis.

Every new cycle enables your penis to increase in size. Some men exhibit growth as much as half an inch or bigger. With each new cycle, you start fresh and keep on achieving increases in growth. The resting period reconditions your penis for easy gains and keeps you enthusiastic for the next cycle.

DHT and how it affects the Penis

The male hormone DHT is more powerful than testosterone, with a stronger effect on the androgen receptors in the tissues of the penis. Unlike testosterone, it does not transform into estrogen so you do not have to worry about estrogen-related problems like enlargement of your breasts when you use it.

The changes in secondary characteristics in males, including penile growth, are effected by DHT. Using the chemical hormone DHT to help you grow a bigger penis is certain to make a significant difference. Even medical specialists have been known to recommend the use of DHT to their adolescent patients whose genitals fail to develop according to norm.

Micropenis and DHT

An infant with 5-alpha reductase deficiency is genetically male, with each cell having one Y and one X chromosome, and has male gonads or testes. However, his body is not able to produce sufficient DHT. As this particular hormone is essential to male sexual development, its shortage results in the atypical development of the external sexual organs prior to birth.

An infant with this deficiency may have external genitalia that look female. He may have ambiguous genitalia, which look neither male nor female. Or he may have an abnormally small penis or what is referred to as a micropenis.

Clinical studies show that DHT administered through the skin of 5-alpha reductase-deficient infants and children has effectively resulted in phallic growth. A similar study was conducted in patients with micropenis due to variable causes. After 3 to 4 months of treatment, an increase in penis size of between 0.5 and 2.0 cm was noted.

These studies indicate that a treatment of 0.2-0.3 mg/kg DHT administered through the skin on a daily basis for at least 3 to 4 months may be effective in managing males who have testosterone biosynthetic defects, males with adequate masculinization to merit male-sex assignment, or males who have micropenis before reconstructive surgical procedures.

Other similar studies on adult males show that DHT does not just increase penis size but increases sex drive and enhances sexual performance as well.

Where Can You Obtain Topical DHT?

You can request a pharmacy to custom-compound topical DHT for you. You need a prescription to do this, however, and finding a doctor to write a prescription for you may not be that easy.

One other option is to buy Andractim, a topical DHT that is available commercially. You can purchase this from buyandractim.com. You have to fill out a form which requires you to provide the reason for needing Andactrim. If you are under 45 years of age, state that you want it for man boobs or gynecomastia. If you are 45 years old or older, you can either put down gynecomastia or erectile dysfunction as reasons.

Penis Enlargement – the Method

Use Andactrim on your penis every day: once in the morning and once at night. Just apply a couple of tiny dots on your shaft. Do the prescribed exercises described below every other day. Do this routine for 4 to 8 weeks. By this time, the androgenic effects of Andactrim would have worn off. Optimal growth will stop. When you notice this, take a rest from both the application and your exercise regimen for a month. This stage will allow your penis to decondition and sensitivity to Andactrim to come back. Start another cycle.

The method is so simple yet amazingly effective. You can add a couple of inches within 6 months maximum simply by using the magical combination.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Start your exercise regimen by applying heat on your penis for a minimum of 5 minutes. Soak a cloth in hot water and put that on your penis (You can also use a microwave heating pad as an alternative.). Make sure that you apply heat every 10 or 15 minutes while you do your enlargement exercises. Applying heat relaxes the tissues and increases blood flow, effectively speeding up your gain, so do not neglect this essential part of the program. It also helps to do the exercises in a warm and comfortable room; you may use a space heater if you have one.

Kegal Exercises

These exercises will strengthen your Pubococcygeal muscles or the PCs. How do you locate these muscles? Urinate then cut off the flow by squeezing your muscles – these are the PCs.

Exercise the PCs by giving them a fast hard flex which takes only a second or a long flex which you hold for 30 seconds. Do 30 fast hard flexes; follow with a 30-second long hard one. Increase the number every day until you can do 500 quick ones and 5 or 10 long ones 3 to 4 days a week.

Hand Stretch

Make sure that you are half-erect for this exercise; it is more effective to work with a partially engorged, more malleable penis.

Encircle your peniswith thumb and put the point finger finger at the back of your penis’ head. Pull down for 30 counts. While you pull, do the PC quick flex. Then hold your penis at its base, shaking fast for about 25 times, relaxing the penis. Do this sequence repeatedly. Pull to the right, left, and straight out. When you pull straight out, do the PC long flex.

Start the exercise schedule by applying light pressure, increasing intensity as you progress. For additional force, while holding your penis with your thumb and first finger, use the other three fingers to hold the end of the chair while pulling. As your penis gains in strength, add a ligament massage by using the thumb of your other hand to exert pressure on the ligaments found at the base of the penis. Doing these exercises under a hot shower will give your penis a maximum stretch.

The Jelq

This exercise forces more blood onto the penile chambers, increasing width, length, vascularity, and erectile strength.

Make sure that you are half erect when you do the exercise. Lubricate your penis with baby oil or hand lotion. Encircle the penis at the base with your thumb and first finger. Slide your hand down toward your penis’ head, forcing blood forward with the pressure applied, taking about 3 seconds to complete the stroke. Release the penis. Do the same exercise, this time using your other hand.

The Squeeze

This exercise gives your penis a bigger girth, enabling you to give your partner greater sexual satisfaction.

You need to be fully erect when you do this exercise.

Hold your penis at the base with your thumb and first finger, as close to your body as you can manage. Do a hard Kegal while squeezing the penis with your hand, forcing blood up the shaft and fully engorging the penis. Hold for 30 seconds, releasing your grip after and shaking out the penis to relax. Get another full erection and repeat the exercise.

Do these exercises every other day.Allot 5 minutes each for the Kegal and the Squeeze and 15 minutes for the Jelq. If you see red dots on your penis, indicating small burst capillaries, reduce the pressure you are applying. The dots will disappear in time.

Using Penis Extender with DHT

You can use a penis extender to lengthen your penis. It will provide traction, pulling on your penis, thus forcing it to grow in length. You can then apply more force to make your penis grow even longer until you achieve your desired length.

Apply Andactrim on your shaft before putting on your extender to speed up the process. It is worthwhile to note that you get better and faster results the longer you use the extender. Start with 30 minutes per session; increase gradually until you can manage 2 hours before taking breaks. After each session, remove the extender, massage your penis to increase blood flow and apply heat before putting the extender back on. Take off the extender before retiring for the night.

I only recommend the Size Genetics extender. It is the only extender that has brought men solid gains lengthwise.

Supercharging the DHT Method

There is a way to supercharge this program. This requires the use of Finasteride, a drug used to treat prostrate and hair loss problems. You can have this drug prescribed for you or you can buy it online.

Finasteride reduces the amount of DHT in your body, which in turn increases the number of androgen receptors and upregulates them. The androgen receptors become as strong and powerful as they were when you were a teenager. When you stop using Finasteride, DHT builds up again, causing the penis to grow in an incredibly accelerated manner.

Take the 1mg dose of Finasteride during your resting phase with your combination regimen of DHT application and penis exercises. Use the drug for a few weeks at least. This will reduce the DHT and upregulate the androgen receptors. Stop taking the Finasteride about a week before you start your growth cycle with the DHT application and exercise routine – and experience penis growth that will amaze and thrill you no end.

Work your Way into a Bigger Penis Now

Now that you have everything you need to know about penis enlargement, you can start the program now and before you know it, you will have a bigger and finer-looking penis, stronger self-esteem, and a really great sex life.

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