Digital Marketing

بازاریابی دیجیتال

Strategic Consultant

Codification a long-term online marketing program helps you reach your goals. Creating an effective online marketing strategy is not that hard. It’s a set of initiatives that are designed to achieve the desired goals. Unfortunately, according to surveys conducted, despite the fact that many companies use online marketing, they do not have a long-term strategy. Didehban will help you to create your own online marketing strategic plan.

Content Production

Today, with merging of modern media with traditional media, we are witnessing the advent of new powerful media and spaces.
But what transforms a media to an efficient media and a powerful tool for communication? The answer is “Content”
Yes, the rich content can reach a peak in the media, and as a result, the organization or brand that is utilizing it, will stand in a high position. But what type of content is eligible?
Didehban, the content branding and marketing specialist would help you finding the answer of above question and step in the production of it.


بازاریابی دیجیتال

Email Marketing

Email marketing, which is a kind of alternate direct post, is one of the ways to introduce an organization (or its products and services) to customers and audiences. It is measurable and makes markets targeted, with little cost in comparison to its results.
This low-cost and simple method, of course, has lots of technical complexities that ignoring them, are doomed to failure. You can easily avoid these difficulties by using Didehban services. Sending bulk emails without considering the necessary rules and principles, simply lead to the denial of the sender server and the company of origin on the web; also it may cause to arise unimaginable problems for the sending company in terms of structural, technological, and even legal.
This low cost utility should be used in creative executive planning.

دیجیتال مارکتینگ

Online Advertising

The lifetime of online advertising (web banner) is almost as much as the formation of web pages. This approach still attracts audiences and influences them. But in order to avoid confusion of what advertising on which site and where to insert is suitable, you can use Didehban’s knowledge and services. Because Didehban professionals have already acquired this knowledge and have been upgrading for years to get your ads on the best pages with the most reasonable costs and bring your goals closer to you.

دیجیتال مارکتینگ

Social Networks

Today, our world is divided into two parts; virtual and real. People are in both spaces, but their behavior is different and of course interacting each other. Therefore, many of customers of a company can be found in cyberspace. So, we should have a recruitment plan for this part of the target group.
By knowing the behavior patterns of people and your audiences in the digital world and observing their activities, Didehban is the best choice to send appropriate content and message in proper space for the proper people. Whereas with the appropriate timing, expect the appropriate feedback from propagating the content.

بازاریابی دیجیتالی

Newsletter Design and Distribution

Sending the newsletter is not a new service. Over the past 100 years, newsletters or news bulletins as a communication tool have been utilized by many companies and organizations. Today, many of these newsletters have been evolved to e-newsletters.
In Didehban’s opinion the content is the main element to prepare and send a newsletter, so it is necessary to create a dialectic relation based on a specific pattern, between the content and form, to establish an effective and sustainable relationship. Didehban will produce and provide the clients with the newsletter contents, considering such patterns.

دیجیتال مارکتینگ

Video Marketing

Every day in online marketing, we face evolutions. Video marketing is one of the things that has recently caused many changes in the big businesses programs. Using this utility is recommended because of below reasons:
1. Videos directly affect people
2. With this tool, laziest buyers would be encouraged to your sales plan
3. People make decision easier to buy and naturally lead to increase sales
4. It is suitable for convincing the customer to purchase
5. Increases traffic
6. By telling the right story of the product, direct focus on the product can be created
7. Will lead up increase audiences on social networks