Content production

تولید محتوا

Content Production

The content brings the costumer loyal.

Our product is the best, but nobody knows about it…
Marketing does not respond in traditional methods
How should we inform our customers about our activities?
Is advertising a good tool for doing this?
How do we get involved with the media?
Our products are like the rest, but how can we differentiate from our competitors?
Aren’t these sentences familiar to you?
In the cluttered space today, the Public Relation and content production are the best solutions to find a way out of this overcrowding. The content is an affordable way to capture the minds of the customer. The content collaborates you with the customer and lets you tell your benefits to them.
We in Didehban Institute have produced the right content for the industries within many years. The growth and agility of your organization and your company is dependent on the production of professional and influential content, and Didehban Institute will be on the path to growth by delivering production services in the real-world and cyberspace.
We consider the production of content to be a valuable and practical place for business success, because these services are more cost effective and efficient for organizations than direct advertising.
We believe that:
Content is important
Content is authentic
Content is low-cost
Content is more believable
Content is the reference
Many successful companies have chosen Didehban as their content provider.”

News Production

While producing news, items such as news value, temporal and spatial position of the subject, the importance of the relevant news to the target group, its time and its structural form, are important; and verifying the content structure of the generated news is a task that should be done in order to produce an influential news.
The production of business-related news about services, products and related events, which is aimed at creating awareness of the brand for its users and customers, are the activities of Didehban. In order to aim the main objectives of this task, we have an expert news team, to produce news in a framework that works best. To do this we use the latest tools and most creative ways.

Each profession has its own terminology and language, which is understandable to the activists of that industry. These terms may have different meanings in the profession or industry.
The translation of technical texts from one language into another without the specialized knowledge of that industry will be free of semantic and specialized expertise, and sometimes even confusing. That is why technical translation is required.
Didehban, in collaboration with experts specializing in various fields of technology and industry, performs technical translation services as if the text was originally written in the same target language.

Specialized journals are one of the best tools that marketing and communication department of an organization can use.
Specialized journals may include descriptions or news about a specific subject, or news and information about the product or service of the company.
By publishing these types of publications, Didehban in addition to doing this important task for the marketing and communication department of organizations, will let them leave free from the problems associated with this activity. In addition, will take up all the processes of this activity from policy making to content production, layout, distribution and distribution.

Combining sophisticated concepts with graphic arts and visual creativity encourages audiences to read and facilitate message comprehension. That’s why infographics are an effective tool for presenting intricate content in a simple and attractive way, which results influence on the mind of the audience.
With years of experience, Didehban can turn professional messages into a mix of images and text and paste your message into the mind of the customer.

Eacompany needs to design and produce items such as profiles, brochures, catalogs, booklets etc. which are designed and developed in line with the brand strategy to communicate with its audience.
One of the services that Didehban has been doing well over the years is writing, designing and producing these marketing and sales materials. We suggest using this service.

The combination of sound and image has always been the most influential means of transmitting the message. Didehban with various specialized teams will produce films including suitable and customized contents for your brand or products. Also dubs or subtitles of your custom videos or educational videos are other services of this institution.


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