Foreskin Restoration /Stretching Device – The ELITE TUGGER

Foreskin stretching is about better sex. This removes some damage from circumcision. – Non-surgical reconstruction of the foreskin restores 24-hour protection to the glans mucosa. – Soft, saggy skin returns to the natural rolling and sliding stimulation pattern. – Recovery is easy and painless. Now you can regain overwhelming sexual pleasure. In the tugging process […]

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Phimosis: What Is It, Diagnosis & Treatment

Phimosis is caused by too much foreskin to expose the glans, which is the end part of the penis. This condition is common in infants and in most cases will disappear before 1 year old. Sometimes it takes longer to disappear naturally, and it may disappear near 5 years of age or only during adolescence […]

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How to prevent turtling

One of the most common and also alarming incidents for those in penis enhancement is when your penis starts getting smaller and smaller past the point of regular flaccidity, as if it is attempting to conceal and lay low. Don’t stress– developing a better understanding of why “turtling” happens will go a long way toward […]

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LG Hanger Reviews

I love Penis Hanging, I think there are a few selected techniques and devices that work in PE and hanging is one of them. I have been over 5 years in PE and gotten great results: -3 cms in girth : You can check my bathmate review before and after here -Jelquing: Jelquing has also […]

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Male Hanger Vs Zen Hanger

Many people have asked my intake on both these hangers, the Male Hanger and the Zen Hanger. In the past, I bought the BIB Hanger, which is identical to the Male Hanger, I also got to hang with a similar device to the Zen Hanger…   My honest intake is that it is a P-A-I-N […]

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How to Become More Dominant in the Bedroom

“You look scary,” she told me as I lay next to her staring into her eyes. “I watched American Psycho the other night. That guy…when I look into your eyes…that guy is who you remind me of.” – Too many girls to count. Why do women want dominant men in the bedroom? A real man […]

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