Does the Bathmate Really Work – Bathmate Review Before And After

After spending a lot of time studying the best tools that would help me in my enhancement endeavor, I discovered the Bathmate. Since then, this penis pump has been alongside me throughout all my journey.

Watch the video below to learn more:

¿So, does the Bathmate really work?

Before answering this question, I want to remind you about something very important:

“Penis Enhancement is a Marathon, not a Sprint”

Results come, but they take effort and persistence from your side. The “Magic Pill” mindset a.k.a. “I want instant results” otherwise I will cry like a baby and quit won´t help you.

Everything good in life whether it is success with girls, getting in shape or penis enhancement, requieres your commitment in the long term.

And Bathmate has guaranteed my commitment to this journey, ensuring that the fun factor remains present. As with everything in life, throughout this journey there will be many times when you just don´t feel the motivation to go through the exercises and have more important things going on in your life that require your full time and focus.

The manual exercises take a lot of time : warm up, stretching, jelquing, warming up again and then having a shower to clean your parts of any kind of lubricant you have used. This process my take anywhere from 45-60 minuites.

Going through the same training, 3 to 4 times a week can become boring and can take up a lot of time. Variety is key to ensure the fun element. And here is where the Bathmate comes into play, it is so compatible with your lifestyle, you just get into the shower, warm up for 5 minuites, and then get inside the pump. If you want, you can also buy a shower strap, that will hold the pump for you.


“Ohh My God This Is Automatic, My Penis Is Getting Bigger…”

Bathmate gives you  a maximum expansion of the smooth muscle, as a result you will gain girth fairly quickly. As oppose to other air pumps which maybe dangerous, bathmate uses the power of water. Filling your Bathmate with warm water helps to cushion and lubricate the penis as it expands, making it the safest of pumps to use.

Although Bathmate claims that the pump could potentially help you gaining girth and length as well as improve your erection, the truth is that Bathmate has only helped me to gain girth. Many users reviews have also agreed on the same point. So if gaining girth isn´t your goal, I wouldn´t invest in the Bathmate.

Bathmate Isn´t A Substitute For Jelquing

As I have previously said, in your Penis Enhancement journey, there will be phases when you have more important things going on in life that require your full focus and time, your motivation to reach your enhancement goals will fluctuate and sometimes it will fall. But working out with the Bathmate is so easy and fun. If you have time to take a shower you might also take the Bathmate with you.

I have made gains in these phases of my journey solely by using the Bathmate, without doing any other manual exercises.

However, my best gains came when I combined it with other manual exercises such as the jelquing.

Bathmate Review Before And After

Before using Bathmate

Before using Bathmate

After 6 months of using Bathmate

After 6 months of using Bathmate

My Bathmate Results In Video : 1 Year After

Pour Conclure

  • Bathmate is fun and easy to use. More importantly it will keep you commited to your enhancement goals and to the long term process. Remember : “Penis Enhancement is a Marathon, not a Sprint”
  • Just get the Bathmate if you are looking to add potential girth gains. If your main goal is length I would recommend you another device such as an extender.
  • Using only the Bathmate will give you results, however the best gains will come when you combine it with other manual exercises such as the jelquing.

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Jason - August 6, 2016

Is it cool to Jelq and Bathmate in the same period. If so, which do you recommend doing first?

Luigi Domenico - September 7, 2016

Yeah, but its more for advanced users.

I would recommend to jelq first and then finish with the bathmate

Walter Burnette - May 9, 2017

Can you use the Bathmate with the Size Genetics Extender? Or would that be to much?

Sher Ali - November 5, 2017

Saudi Arabia abha

Neil - April 1, 2018

Hey great article. And great results!

I’ve just ordered the bathmate x360 wideboy. After much research I went for it !

I’m hoping it gives me a bigger head because at the moment my shaft can appear bigger than the glans.

I’m currently 6” in girth and 6 “ in length, so I hope the bathmate in mcreases my head.
I will incorporate your exercises as well.

Soloman - April 12, 2018

How can I get in contact with you for some questions and coaching? Thanks

Vince - April 13, 2018

I’m looking for the bathmate but the bathmate 20 first before I go to the bathmate 30 I know it’s been on the market do you know where I can purchase the the bathmate 20 ?

Guest - June 6, 2018

Thats one sexy dick thanks for the video.

Matthan Prophete - June 8, 2018

I purchase the bath mate using your affiliate link to do it I was wondering if I get my horny goat capsules

Jale bainivalu - June 11, 2018

How to order a bathmate

Dave - June 22, 2018

U look hot

Weirdo - June 24, 2018

What do you think about combining an all day hanging device for tension with a light weight like 2kg with bathmate?

For your 1 year results, what times per pump, how many pumps per session and how many per day? Nice results.

Swadesh - July 24, 2018

Is it available in India?

Luigi Domenico - August 15, 2018

Yes, here:


Ra - January 31, 2019


Can you give me your skype name for more details…

Elii - February 7, 2019

Hello, so recently I bought a penis pump, but I have no idea how to use it in an erect state, can u email me a tutorial on how to use it in erect state? Thanks

Elii - February 7, 2019

Hi, recentky I bought a penis pump, and Im not sure how to use it in an erect state, could you teach me by sending me a tutorial via gmail? Another thing is, if possible, make a tutorial, and teach me how to masturbate, and how to shoot far when ejecting, cause mine is dribbling only… thanks!

Jeremias - February 26, 2019

Hi, I watch your videos and it’s interesting cause I want to try it and so that has to have this confidence with my size. however, I don’t know how much is Bathmate and if I can afford it not knowing if it is available here in the Philippines. I watch different videos on how to increase my size and make it more stronger. but it seems not real, but when I saw your testimony it is proven and tested as I can see well, I want to try it. can you help me with this?

Cummer - April 4, 2019

Thanks for that what a great video how else can i contact you?

Anti-mutilation - April 10, 2019

It looks like youve gained about a 1/2 ” already, which is huge for 6 months! Congratulations bro!! Id love to get a bathmate too. Ive outgrown my traditional airpump. 🙂

I do wonder… why do you pull your foreskin back on the “after” section. Its not really a true comparison. Has your glans size changed. There is a “superficial” artery that feeds the glans through the foreskin (which is why circumcised men have smaller glans), and when it is pulled back the head is stimulated (and so is the cowpers gland to produce precum mmm). Wow. Our intact bodies are so amazing! God is amazing! But… my point is that it appears that youve used phisiology to exaggerate your gains in the after. I dont think it was intentional. But i do believe it does that. Can you get a multi angle video as before?

Luigi Domenico - April 15, 2019

I do wonder… why do you pull your foreskin back on the “after” section. Its not really a true comparison. Has your glans size changed

It did, when I am erect, my foreskin can no longer cover my glans

I will soon show new images, with vids from all kind of angles as I have made substantial gains once again


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